Apple MacBook Air

It is no secret that Apple is known for innovation and raising the bar in the electronics industry; which is why nearly every Apple product that hits the shelves is a top seller. The newest edition of the MacBook Air is no exception either. While MacBooks have for a long time been a staple in the laptop game, the newest edition has once again hit the ground running with features that make competing laptops sweat. Some of these features include ultrafast 802.11ac Wi-Fi resulting in wireless performance that is up to three times faster than with the prior generation of MacBook Air, plus your Wi-Fi range improves as well. The low profile package houses the ultra-efficient Intel Core i5 processor designed to use less power while still delivering high performance, lightning fast file transfers with USB 3 technology, an integrated HD FaceTime Webcam, an extensive software package and did I mention that it will run for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge? Click the link on the left for a full list of features and additional specs. But long story short-- this is an excellent value as you essentially get everything you need in one powerhouse laptop.