Gourmet Ice Cream of the Month Club

Ice cream is arguably the best way to beat the heat on a hot summer day, and to some, there is nothing better. However, it does in fact get better... check out the Gourmet Ice Cream of the Month Club. Each month you get 4 gourmet pints of delicious ice cream delivered right to your door. Just think, you are outside soaking up some sun, wishing you had an ice cold bowl of ice cream to cool off, yet your freezer is empty... But then the doorbell rings and sitting there on your front step is 4 whole pints of top quality ice cream ready to enjoy. Yes, this dream can be a reality. Each month of the club features four different flavors of ice cream from specialty ice cream makers nationwide. And the free shipping ensures that the ice cream gets delivered at no additional cost. Sign up today and don't fall victim to the dreaded 'empty freezer syndrome'.