94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

Step up your game with the 4Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball. This is not your average rock-- in fact when James Naismith invented Basketball, he probably never imagined that the iconic ball would evolve to measure and diagnose the quality of key skills on the basketball court. The ball utilizes embedded motion sensors to measure your skill in real time. This information is sent to a mobile smartphone via Bluetooth and gives players of all skill levels access to immediate feedback on shooting and ball-handling skills. The sensors in the ball will count what matters most and will provide visual and voice feedback as you practice. It's like having a personal digital coach with you every time you play. The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is regulation size and weight, constructed of ultra-durable, waterproof, indoor/outdoor skin and features an 8 hour battery life. Instant feedback on every shot and dribble means you improve your skills on the court, compete with friends and have fun doing it.