Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

You remember it like it was yesterday... it was a hot and sunny day, you crack open your favorite beer, take a gulp... then promptly spit it out because it was warm and skunky. OK, maybe not exactly, but it is likely you have had the unpleasant experience of taking a swig from an unexpectedly warm beer... well never again! The Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller is a genius product that will trump warm beers for years to come. Simply stick the Corksicle in the freezer and when you have a beer that needs to be cooled in an instant, insert the Corksicle into the beer bottle and proceed drinking your beer right through the Corksicle Chillsner. Perfect for the beach, tailgating or take to a party where there is no fridge space for your brew! The best part: you get an instantly cold beer without watering down or creating any off flavors. The Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller comes as a two pack so keep them in your freezer and they are ready when you are.