GreenWorks G-MAX Electric Mower

We are celebrating the first day of spring here at Fresh Lineup and spring fever has us thinking about getting outdoors with the sun shinin', (even if it is just to mow the lawn!) So in honor of that, we present the GreenWorks G-MAX Electric Mower. This baby is not your average electric mower, in fact there is a good chance that it will 'edge out' your existing gas guzzling mower. Featuring a high performance G-MAX 40V lithium-ion battery for long lasting wireless performance, a 5-position cutting height ranging from 7/8-inch to 2 3/4-inch, rear bagging and mulching capabilities and best of all it doesn't require a single drop of gasoline. There is nothing worse then running out of gas mid-mow forcing you to make a run to the gas station. Pick this baby up and save money, time and the environment.