House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

In Mark Z. Danielewski's ambitious debut novel, House of Leaves, you read about a family settling into a new home, only to find that the measurements on the interior of the home are larger than the exterior... and that's the tip of the iceberg of the oddities found in this terrifying novel. With poems, scientific lists, collages, Polaroids, appendices of fake correspondence, and single lines of prose placed any which way on the page, with crossed-out passages, the disorientating story will have you wondering what's real and whats fake... in both the book and in reality.

From the Review "Had The Blair Witch Project been a book instead of a film, and had it been written by, say, Nabokov at his most playful, revised by Stephen King at his most cerebral, and typeset by the futurist editors of Blast at their most avant-garde, the result might have been something like House of Leaves."

House of Leaves is a book like no other, if you are looking for something different to read, this is the book you are looking for.