Kelty Mach 6 AirPole Tent

When you think of camping you probably envision the headache of setting up a tent-- assembling and sorting poles, wrestling them into the designated, often color-coded sleeves, maybe snapping a pole in the process, etc. If this is somewhat accurate to your experiences with camping trips then the Kelty Mach 6 AirPole Tent will revolutionize camping as you know it. By replacing traditional poles with inflatable AirPoles, this large 6-person tent pitches in under a minute with an included high volume, dual-action floor pump. The AirPoles are rigid yet flexible and won't bend or break like traditional poles. Simply toss the tent down, attach the pump and in under a minute you have a spacious, 6-person, 2-room tent ready to go. When it is time to pack up just pull the plug and let the tent take itself own. Also included is an integrated, fully-vented rain fly that will keep you dry in even the harshest rain. Stop wasting your time setting up that dusty tent from your cub scout days and pick up the Kelty Mach 6 AirPole Tent so you can camp in style... not cramp your style.