KRUPS BeerTender Home Draught System

Add some class to the man cave or kitchen with the KRUPS BeerTender Home Draught System. Now is your chance to have beer on tap at home without the hassle of a clunky kegerator system. The KRUPS BeerTender is the compact and convenient home draught system that keeps beer fresh for 30 days while maintaining an ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees F . This home draught system works with standard 5L kegs. And with the fool-proof design, this baby is easy to operate, just run the keg's plastic tube to the KRUPS BeerTender tap and you're done. It's that simple. Inserting a keg takes less than 15-seconds, (seriously!) The KRUPS BeerTender has an LED display temperature indicator. It features an authentic tap, a detachable draw spout and a removable tray for an easy cleaning. Time to step up on game day, ditch the cooler and offer your friends a frosty brew fresh from the tap.