MTN Approach Skis & Backpack

When you want to use your own specialty snowboard in the backcountry, the MTN Approach Ski & Backpack system is your best option. They rival the weight of snowshoes; however, unlike snowshoes, this ski/skin combo actually glides on the skin track, saving you energy and allowing you to take the same route as your two-plank backcountry buddies. At 138 cm long, these fully cambered approach skis are wide enough to keep you from floundering in deep snow, while maintaining an edge on traverses and side-hills. When you reach the top, take off the skis, fold them in thirds, and place them in the specially-designed pocket in the MTN Approach backpack; no need to fumble with detaching skins or reconfiguring iced-up splitboard bindings. Close to 4 lbs. per ski, the MTN Approach set-up is barely noticeable on the descent. The most exciting feature about the MTN Approach set-up is that it allows you to ride your favorite board in the backcountry depending on the conditions, so you aren't limited to expensive splitboards that don't ride as well and are heavy. If you're ready for a backcountry snowboarding revolution, hop on a pair of MTN Approach skis and you'll see why more and more pros are turning to the MTN system for their backcountry needs.