Sony PlayStation 4 Console

There is a lot of talk about Playstation 4 Vs. Xbox One and while many have a personal favorite, it is just as easy and more rewarding to accept that both systems are 'the best' in their own way. For instance, the Xbox One may have a more impressive starting game lineup, but the PS4 has better technical capabilities with graphics that slightly edge out the Xbox One. Plus many choose the sleek dualshock controller that Playstation offers, over the bulky remote that Xbox One has used over the years. But here's the deal, Playstation 4 has some amazing games you can't find on the Xbox, plus powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features, (A PS Vita is highly recommended!) If a decision had to be made on what to buy, the best decision and one you definitely won't regret... is just buy both.